__________ghost (__________ghost) wrote in swallowme,

E performance

for all the Toronto heads, esthero performs this saturday at nathan philips square [November 26th] at the 39th annual cavalcade of lights.

"The 39th annual Cavalcade of Lights presented by Scotiabank illuminates Nathan Phillips Square for the holiday season with more than 100,000 dazzling lights, Toronto's official Christmas tree, and firework shows every Saturday night at 7 p.m. from November 26 to December 17.
Saturday, November 26 marks the first lighting of Nathan Phillips Square's Cavalcade of Lights display with a holiday music concert by Canadian R&B heart throbs In Essence and a rare appearance by pop diva Esthero.

"pop diva?" haha she seems to be the antithesis of that,,,,,but whatevs...
lighters up! its free.
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